Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Configuring Remote X11: MacOS Lion

Configuring OSX to be able to display remote X11 (X.Org) applications on the local (MacOS Lion) display.

  • Reconfigure X11 on OSX to listen to TCP port 6000 if it doesn't already.
    • Move on to the next section if

      % defaults read org.x.X11 | grep nolisten
      "nolisten_tcp" = 0;
    • Enable the X11 server to listen on it's tcp port.

      % defaults write org.x.X11 nolisten_tcp 0
  • Make sure xauth is installed on the remote server.

    % which xauth
  • Start an ssh session with X11 forwarding enabled.

    % ssh -X remote-host
  • Open xcalc on the remote server and verify it comes up on your local display.

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